Webmail Services
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WebMail Users Please Note: It not enough to just dump your unwanted / read messages to Trash - you must also empty the trash now and then, otherwise the trashed messages remain on the server and count towards your available quota. So don't forget to click the little trash can.

To sign in use your username + geoghegan.org, "john+geoghegan.org" (and not "john")
The incoming and outgoing mail server name is "mail.geoghegan.org" (only needed if you are using a POP email program such as Outlook - not required for WebMail)
This site offers three alternative webmail programs after you login. All work just fine but my personal preference is NeoMail.
If you need further instructions on how to set up your email client to access your mail on geoghegan.org, please drop me a line.