Twenty things I hate about Legends of Kesmai

  1. Lag!

  2. Thaums who make djinns, Wizards who make toads and Thieves who make rats in the locker room. While these activities may help with their skill gain, they annoy other players, clutter the screen and make it impossible to see what people are saying. People, please find a quieter spot in which to engage in these activities!

  3. Lag!

  4. Beggars who annoy other players by constantly asking for items and gold. Why don't they all just go to the dungeons and earn these things the way most players do?

  5. Lag!

  6. Players who give stuff to beggars just to shut them up. It's so annoying watching low level players equipped with glowers, shielders, ice scales and so on, thinking they are invincible, strut their stuff on level -2 and die in a "zoo" - i.e. anything more than 3 skeletons. All they do is come back to the conference room / locker room and moan until some other soft heart gives them more stuff, which they then go and lose. You are not doing these players a good service. They cannot learn the value of either tactics or items. Give them the benefit of your experience - not the contents of your locker.

  7. Lag!

  8. Player killers. Let's face it, the only players who can really be PKed are relative newbies. Everyone else would have the experience to recall, run or quit before they die. Either that or they would have the ability to defend themselves. So, given that only newbies can really be PKed, what's the point? You get no experience and if you strip them all you get is more stuff to give away to newbies. If Pking is your scene, do us all a favour and find another game.

  9. Lag!

  10. Sparring. I have noticed that more and more players are spending endless hours sparring (hitting each other). I personally find this an exercise in futility. You gain very little skill from it compared to fighting crits and absolutely no experience. I can understand players testing their powers to see how hard they can hit, but that constant din from the gym - arggghhhh! Under this heading, I also include my disgust for the practice of luring NPCs into the ring for the purpose of killing them. I do, however, excuse thieves who exercise their right of revenge on the sheriff from time to time - just as long as it isn't habit forming.

  11. Lag!

  12. MAs who, when fighting with a Wizard, forget to pet them after the Wizard has saved them from certain death with an accurately placed fireball, then in the next round, accidentally whack the poor Wizard with those crystal gauntlets. (You know who you are!).

  13. Lag!

  14. Most things about the underworld, but especially a) slow cobras b) the demon near Khepri and c) tigers who are never there when I need them.

  15. Lag!

  16. The princess in the Underkingdom. What a whiner!

  17. Lag!

  18. Some players, such as players who insist on answering questions that you have asked of someone else . players who arrive in the conference room at the end of a long conversation and ask "what are you talking about" . players who attempt to answer other players' question even though they have no idea what the correct answer is. You know the type!

  19. Lag!

  20. Oh . I almost forgot ............... Lag!