Legends of Kesmai

Here are text and graphic maps of Kesmai, Oakvael, Axe Glacier, Leng and Praetoseba (The Underworld). These maps have proved to be extremely helpful to players for very many years. We all owe a great deal of thanks to many generations of cartographers would have contributed to them over a long period of time.

ASCII text Maps
You may download either a pure text version (.txt), which you will need to format yourself or a Microsoft Word version (.doc), already formatted. With thanks to Malachi.

Graphic maps
Although I have squeezed these to the smallest possible file size, they are still quite large. I am not a great fan of graphic maps myself, but these are the best I have seen. Click on the map of interest for the full size version.
These maps were created by Michel Dawidowicz aka Radagast
. The Underkingdom map was annotated by me. Other maps annotated by Maggie.