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Catweazle / Pimpernel's Web Site


Text and Graphic Maps, Underkingdon Report, UnderWorld Quest Information, Knight and MA quest Information, How to play a Thief, How to Play a Wizard, History and Geography of Kesmai, Experience and Skill Tables, Training Information and Cost, Magic - Spells and Levels, New Character Information, Lag information and help.

Ryuji's Legends of Kesmai and Island of Kesmai Resource Site (New - 2005)

Your Destination for Information, News, Resources, and Discussion on the Legends of Kesmai and Island of Kesmai games.

Legends of Kesmai Resource Center

Comprehensive Guide to the UnderKingdom, Information and Introduction, Creating a Character, Monster Information, Item Information, Quests,
Tips & Tricks, Lair Monsters, Internet & LOK Slang, Guilds Page, Graphical Maps, FAQ, Skill & Experience Gain Information, Helpful Files & Tables

Magnos's Home

Welcome to my abode! Have a look around but stay away from me ale!

Jadefist's LOK Resource Site

Greetings to all who have travelled far to reach my humble abode....

Domain of Blackbeard

Lyran CommonWealth Armed Forces in Legends of Kesmai

EoT Guild Website

EoT Member List
EoT Guild Message Board
The EoT Times
Maps of the Lands of Kesmai
Underworld Guide
Ancestoring Guide
Charts and Stats
Links to other LoK sites
EoT Doctrine

MiDGiT'S resource center

Guide to Lair Critters

Kesmai Hollow

Message Board and Stories

Legends of Kesmai Resource Center

LOK Quick Data Reference
Kesmai Kompanion: LOK Edition
Combat Adds Chart
Text Maps
Kesmai Kompanion: IOK Edition
Some IOK Information

Ryugi's Legends of Kesmai Site

LoK Archive
LoK Forums
LoK Info

Brian Fox - His LOK Page

Learn about Genshaw, Genshaxe, and Grimke.
I seem to have an obsession with death.
Kesmaian Football!
ABCs of Kesmai addiction
Playing a thief in LOK
Short Stories
Poems of Kesmai

Draka'nor Castle

Malefactor's information page (under construction)

Forum, Weapons & Armour information, Spell & Chant Information, Item Listings & Usage Information, Maps of the known realms, Character Attributes, skills, etc., Quest Listings, Links, & Kesmai news.

Elven's LOK Page

New - under construction

Maps, Lair Critters, Charts and Links

The Eternal Battle

An Alternative Newsletter

A Newsletter type page with various features in each issue. New and still in the development stage.

Freak's LOK Page

NPFreak's Page - under construction

LOK Kompanion, Under World Help. I hope to get some more stuff for my site, so check in reguarly!

Legends Hollow

Joel The Mage's Homepage

What's New, Library, Game Hints, Message Board, Hall of Shame, Joel's Journal with pictures

Moonlight's Page

Famous Page Now reopen! If the above link does not work try this one

Items, What is LOK, FAQ, Library, Quests, Tips and Tricks and all new Message Board

MediaMan's Page

Currently under construction and imcomplete

Lair Critters, Quests, More to come we are promised

Imperial Library of Mnar

Sir. Crimson's Page - currently under construction and imcomplete

Items, Critters, Character Statistics, Quests, Good things to know, Tactics, Maps, Guilds and Discussion

Toshin's Newsletter

A monthly online publication that should interest all Legends players

News, comings and goings, tips, advice, gossip, what's on the horizon, etc. etc. The best place for the latest information.

Radagast's Corner

The original graphic mapmaker's page

Graphic maps of the known lands in .PNG format

Seregil's Home Page

Under Construction

Content unknown for the moment

Stryker's LOK Resource Centre

Another wide ranging site that covers a lot of ground. The layout tends to be layered, so it can take quite a few clicks to get the information you want, but it is well worth the effort.

Creating a Character, Monster Information including Lair Critters, Item Information, Quest Information, Tips and Tricks, Graphic Maps, Legends of Kesmai Slang, Skill and Experience Gain, Helpful Files and Tables, Stories.

Treyner's Page

"No frills" page with very useful information.

Text Maps, Charts, UnderWorld Quest walkthrough, Ancestoring Information

Wanderer's HomePage

Under Construction

Mostly personal and CW Guild information for now but LOK information is promised soon.

WARLORD's Hideout

Revealing photographs from LOKCON 1998

Zem's Encumbrace Chart

How heavy is it?

Weight of various items expressed in gold coin equivalents.

Zuberi's Home Page

Under Construction

Content unknown for the moment

Web Sites that may help with Connection and Lag Problems



KGB7's Connection

Diagnosis Center

Gamestorm Player Information Pages

Player League Tables

Who are the top players this month?

How to Play!

Including the dreaded Rules of Conduct

Guild Home Pages - Look before you join

The BAD Guild

The Black Sun Guild

The Bregandarthe Clan

The Commonwealth of Warriors (CW)

The Crusaders of Light (CoL)

The Crystal Triad (CTx)

The DARK Guild

Dark Lords Of Power (DloP)

Death Knights (DK)

The DOOM Guild

The DRAC Guild

The Dragon Maw Guild (DM)

The Empire

The EVIL Guild

Fellowship of the Fist (FoF)

The FTT Guild

The Order of Insomniacs (OOI)


The Jade Guild

The KAOS Guild

The KILL Guild

The Knights of the Round Table (KORT) Guild

The KWO Guild

Liang Shan Brotherhood

The Lords Guild

Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces (LCAF)

The Mountain Cloud Clan (MC)

Prophets of Evermore (Poe)

The Guild of NOD

The NGOK Guild

The Rose Guild

The Samurai Dragons (SD)

The SEA Guild

The Seventh Realm Guild

Shadows of Darkness (SoD)

Shadow Mercenaries (SM)

The Sky Guild

The SOK Guild

The SUN Guild

The Quest Seekers

The Tempars of Honor (ToH)

Warriors of Legend and Honor (WLH)

The Wild Bunch (TWB)

Wolf Clan Rising (WCR)

The XRC Guild

The ZAND Guild

Other Guilds (Message Board)

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