Legends of Kesmai™ page by Eddie Geoghegan (Catweazle / Pimpernel)

Ancient dragons lie dreaming atop mountains of gold and jewels. Communities of belligerent humanoids live underground. Foul, undead creatures lurk in abandoned cemeteries. Wizards, thieves, fighters and other adventurers explore mysterious cliff-top cities or delve deep into the twisting catacombs that lie underground. This is Legends of Kesmai -- where power and glory may be within the length of a broadsword -- and defeat, even death, within a dagger's reach. Either alone or with other players, you can now embark on one of the grandest multiplayer adventures of all time!
Legends of Kesmai is a continuation of the classic multiplayer, role plating game Island of Kesmai. It provides a never-ending series of quests for glory and forays for treasure. Come explore the vast Legends of Kesmai - over 100,000 square feet of area populated by hordes of evil creatures.
Kesmai ®, Kesmai Studios ® and Legends of Kesmai ® are registered trade marks of Kesmai Corporation. This site is not affiliated with nor endorsed by either Gamestorm ® or Kesmai Corporation.

This website was created during the time when Legends of Kesmai was available to play on Gamestorm and AOL. That version of the game has long since passed into memory. I left this site up as kind of tribute to LoK and as a place where gamers could come and recall happy gaming experiences. However . . .
In recent times there have been some interesting new developments. Attila and Katura are the developers of the Lands of Kes project, an MORPG based on Legends of Kesmai. They are running the game free of charge purely for the enjoyment of former LOK players and anyone who would like to try their version of this classic. The project was started in 2003. The Basic Game is completed with all lands and spells implemented. They have also released the four lands of the Advanced Game which has never been translated into graphical form before now. In 2005 a copy of an earlier version was stolen and distributed to many people on the Internet. The stolen version being used without permission and is missing the Advanced Game and much of the higher level content of the Basic Game. On a personal note I would add that the people behind the stolen version have also used much of the content of my site without permission or acknowledgement. I've been playing on the Lands of Kes project since 2005 and it's just marvellous, with all the feel and playability of the original. If you would like to join the new LOK community please visit Lands of Kes and tell them Catweazle sent you. Everyone is welcome. See you in the game!
The information on this site relates to LOK as it existed on Gamestorm. It may not be accurate in regards to any other incarnation of the game. FYI there's a fine LOK Archive Site here. My original objective in creating this page, was to provide a database of information relating to Legends of Kesmai which would, hopefully, be useful to new and seasoned players and perhaps even interesting to non players. The subject matter is divided into sections. Simply click on the item of interest to you for further information.

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Text and Graphic Maps of the known Lands
(with thanks to the map makers of Kesmai)

The Underworld quests in summary and detail
(No maps - quest information only)

The Knight's Quest
by Gwydion plus
The MA's Quest
by Poi'Tin

History and Geography of the known lands
(What to expect when you visit)

The Underkingdom
A first report by Osiris.DOOM

Granny Maggie's Guide
If you haven't read this - don't do it!

Playing a Thief
Hints and Tips by Pimpernel

Creating a new character
Your vital statistics, why you need them and help through chemistry.

Experience, skill levels and training
What levels and points mean to your character.

Magic Spells
Spells available to magic users and the levels you need to get them.

Playing a Wizard
Hints and Tips by Catweazle

The Lag Monster
Can it ever be defeated? Some possible strategies.

20 things I hate about LOK

Legends of Kesmai Credits

Playing a Thaumaturge
Hints and Tips by Ixion.Thaum

Text Commands
A guide to text commands

Legends Links
Links to other LOK related Sites

The Kesmai Kompanion
The most complete guide to LoK (Word Document)

Playing a Martial Artist
Hints and Tips by Isildur

Legends of Kesmai TrueType Font
(right click / Save As)

BBS signature graphics
Some fantasy graphics which may make nice signature files

Modified 003.dat
(recolored NPCs that don't clash with player graphics)

Suggestions or Comments
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