Once upon a time


and Now

Donna (Dove)

Me and Donna

An artist's perception

Eddie & Donna 26/02/2010

Eddie & Donna 26/02/2010

Joe, Eddie, Donna & Mary 26/02/2010

My daughters Rose and Mary.

Me with Mary

Me with Rose

Receiving an award from John Bruton (when we were both a lot younger)

Two of Donna's grandchildren, Felicia and Melissa

You know, not everybody would admit to knowing these people.

Here's a little quiz. Pick out the two brothers in the pictures right and left. You may click the images for a larger view. Answer.

My brother, Barry ...

and his family, Frances ...

... Keara and David

Keara and Ricky

Frances and my mother

A musical family, from left, me, Barry, my mother, my father with a young David in the foreground.

Barry and Frances make a guest appearance on Coronation Street

Eddie and Jim Sanfilippo discuss some fine point of something or other

Jim and Astor the Wonder Dog

Mary Sanfilippo with Chester the Wonder Dog

Our view Christmas 1999

Our view Christmas 2000 - what a difference a year makes!

May 2010 - perhaps the start of a real summer
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