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Welcome to all bearing the family name Geoghegan, Geoghan, Gehegan, Gahagan, Gohagan, Gohegan, Cohagan, Cohegan, Gahegan, Gaghegen, Gaffigan, Gavigan, Gavaghan, Gavagan, Gargan, Geagan, Gegan, Geggan, Gagon, Gagen, Gagin, Geygan, Gaygen, Gheen etc. (with or without Mac, Mc, Mag, M') for you are all probably members of the MacEochagáin line, although some of the variants I included above may be derived from other surnames also - see "variant spellings". This is no insignificant thing, for while many people of Irish descent claim some sort of royal blood, in most cases this is a hollow boast, their "royal" ancestors being little more than petty chieftains. For us it is different, being descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages, High King of Ireland and undisputed ruler of the entire island. Indeed, Niall himself was royal not just by conquest but also by descent, his ancestral line going back to the Pharaohs of Egypt. Fáilte (welcome) also to all other mere mortals who happen by this page. I hope you find it interesting and informative. On these pages you will find all the Geoghegan information that I have to hand, by clicking on the icons on the left of your screen. Obviously it is, despite my best efforts, incomplete. Therefore I would welcome any information that anyone might like to see included here.