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Welcome to all bearing the name Geoghegan, Geoghan, Gehegan, Gahagan, Gohagan, Gohegan, Cohagan, Cohegan, Gahegan, Gaghegen, Gaffigan, Gavigan, Gavaghan, Gavagan, Gargan, Geagan, Gegan, Geggan, Gagon, Gagen, Gagin, Geygan, Gaygen, Gheen etc. (with or without Mac, Mc, Mag, M') for you are all probably members of the MacEochagáin line, although some of the variants I included above may be derived from other surnames also - see "variant spellings". This is no insignificant thing, for while many people of Irish descent claim some sort of royal blood, in most cases this is a hollow boast, their "royal" ancestors being little more than petty chieftains. For us it is different, being descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages, High King of Ireland and undisputed ruler of the entire island. Indeed, Niall himself was royal not just by conquest but also by descent, his ancestral line going back to the Pharaohs of Egypt. Fáilte (welcome) also to all other mere mortals who happen by this page. I hope you find it interesting and informative. On these pages you will find all the Geoghegan information that I have to hand, by clicking on the icons on the left of your screen. Obviously it is, despite my best efforts, incomplete. Therefore I would welcome any information that anyone might like to see included here.

This website is maintained by the WebDruid - Eddie Geoghegan. Be aware that I am no genealogist and I do not have a vast store of information beynd what is included on these pages. If you have genealogy questions, you would be best advised to post these on the message board or contact the clan genealogists whose contact information you will find on the "About the MacGeoghegan Society" page.
By the way, if you like music - here's Geoghegan's Reel (with thanks to Barry who found it)

Semper Patriae Servire Praesto

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22 Sept 2010
Started a page for pictures of the 2010 Reunion

24 Jan 2010
Added Josi's Corner,

* August 2008 *
The National Archives of Ireland has put the 1911 census online (only for Dublin so far)

22 April 2006
You can now join the Society or renew you membership online using PayPal.

15 Jan 2005
High King Niall: the most fertile man in Ireland. Read more.

Jan 2005
Buy coat of arms stuff at Cafepress

18 Nov 2005
You can now get to this site at the address

15 Nov 2005
Added Ted Geoghegan to the Hall of Fame

6 July 2005
The first pictures of Clann 2005 are in the Gallery.

18 Apr. 2005
Added list of society documents in database.

26 Jan 2004
Added pictures of Irish Fest 2003 to the Gallery

3 Jan 2004
Added picture of The Gagin (Michelle) - Slomczewski (Don) Wedding to the Gallery

2 Jan 2004
Have you read "Don't Get Angry (Get Even)" by our own Howard X Geoghegan?

7 Sept 2002
Joe recently discovered the remains of Correagh Castle. I've added the pictures he took to the Gallery under "castles"

7 July 2002
Added a new section Historic Geoghegans The
Hall of Fame
is now strictly for modern Geoghegans of note.

6 July 2002
Added relevant extracts from the "Annals" to the history section.

27 December 2001
Added Irish Fest 2001 pictures to the Gallery (thanks Pat!)

14 December 2001
Added Cyril Geoghegan, cylist, to the Hall of Fame

3 December 2001
Tánaiste joins the ranks of the Geoghegan Clan

26 November 2001
Dr. Joe Gahagan R.I.P.

22 Sept 2001
Jack "The Buck" Geoghegan has a new gravestone, thanks to Fred, Joe and all of us!

29 July 2001
There are a number of additions to the Hall of Fame
Added a "Snippets" section for unclassifiable bits and bobs

Have you read
Heir Apparently by Veronica Dolan? Veronica is a member of the Geoghegan Clan.

11 Sept. 2001
The reaction of the Irish people was best expressed by our President Mary McAleese here (Real Player clip).

I am extrememly busy all the time these days, so please accept this blanket apology for unanswered emails. Eddie.
Semper Praesto Sevire