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A collection of pictures of MacEochagáin events, locations and people

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Clan 2005: The Geoghegan Clan gathered in July 2005, in Galway, Westmeath. and Dublin

The first pictures couresy of Carolanne

Bett's pictures from the bus tour

Bett's pictures from Athlone

Kevins Reunion Pictures

Don Cohagan's Pictures

Clan 2000: The Geoghegan Clan gathered in July 2000, in Westmeath.

The Gathering, Gertie Browne's, Friday, 7 July 2000

The Second Gathering, Saturday, 8 July 2000

Cnoc Bua, Saturday, 8 July 2000

Newtown Castle, Saturday, 8 July 2000

Castletown Geoghegan, Saturday, 8 July 2000

Syonan Castle, Saturday, 8 July 2000

Clan Banquet, Saturday, 8 July 2000, Hatter's Lane / Gertie Browne's, Athlone

The Inauguration at Cnoc Bua, Sunday, 9 July 2000

Some post-gathering shots


Places & Things
Places and things of Geoghegan Interest


Castles and Houses
Castles and Houses of Geoghegan Interest


Kineleagh revisited
Five intrepid adventurers revisit the ancient territory on 12 August 2000


Irish Fest 2000
A large gang of Geoghegans attended the Milwaukee Irish Fest 2000


Irish Fest 2001
A similarly large gang of Geoghegans attended Irish Fest 2001


Irish Fest 2003
Once again into the breach in 2003


October 26, 2002: Don and Michelle tie the knot - picture here.


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